0 Thousands of Post-it Notes Stuck at Grand Central

Post-it Notes, 30th anniversary, Grand Central Station
Photo credit: Marie-Joelle Parent/ENT
Even with all of the apps and digital alerts available, my desk drawers are still full of various sizes and colors of Post-it Notes. I use them on a daily basis for reminders, bookmarks, doodling pads, etc. The reusable adhesive papers turn 30 years old this year, and the celebration began Tuesday with the unveiling of the world's largest billboard artwork created entirely of Post-it Notes. More than 100,000 Post-it Notes were stuck on a prominent wall in New York City's Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station. The mural was conceived by two high school seniors who won a national student art contest and the final design was created by conceptual artist Eric Daigh. All of the design submissions will be on display through Friday.

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