0 The Eighty Foot Tall 'Giant Project' Goes Up in NYC

Os Gemeos, Futura, mural
 Photo credit: osgemeos®
Brazilian artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo - also known as Os Gemeos - and graffiti legend Futura have partnered up to create an 80-foot-high mural on the west-facing wall of P.S. 11, William T. Harris elementary school, in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

A statement by the artists explains:
"Uniting two different styles from opposite extremes was one of the challenges, as well as the objective. The idea was to unite two styles that are completely different so they become one. The concept behind the flags (with the colors completely altered from their originals) signifies unity, a world without borders, combined to form 'one world, one voice'."
Pretty amazing painting, but how will the children react? Think they'll find it cute or creepy?

More photos of the mural are here.

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