0 China's Great Wall of Traffic

Beijing-Tibet Expressway, China
Since August 14, vehicles continue to jam up along the Beijing-Tibet expressway in China. Photo credit: AFP
After a weekend dealing with the Woodward Nightmare Dream Cruise congestion, followed by Monday morning traffic jams, I felt a bit aggravated during this evening's slow commute. But none of those bottlenecks can compare to what drivers are facing today in China.

Heavy traffic, road work and breakdowns in China have caused a nine day traffic jam. The queue stretches for 62 miles along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, connecting Beijing to Zhangjiakou, and is expected to last at least another month. Drivers have been passing the time by playing chess or cards, and vendors are capitalizing on the delays by setting up temporary stalls selling food and drinks to the car owners.

[via Sky News]

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