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May 14, 2010: Space shuttle Atlantis lifts off on the STS-132 mission. Photo credit: NASA
"Wake me up before you go-go..." What sort of alarm wakes you up in the morning? An annoying beeping sound or one of your favorite songs? Since the days of the Apollo missions, NASA has selected dozens of songs to wake up the astronauts on space missions—and now it's your turn to choose.

NASA is inviting the public to select from a list of Top 40 songs, played as wake-up songs by the Mission Control Center in the past. The winning songs will be played during the final two missions of the Space Shuttle Program—STS-133 and 134 are scheduled for launch on November 1, 2010 and February 26, 2011, respectively. More than one million votes have already been cast and the current standings for the Top 5 songs are:

  1. Star Trek Theme Song (by Alexander Courage) / 361,978 Votes - 32.9%
  2. Magic Carpet Ride (by Steppenwolf) / 358,001 Votes - 32.6%
  3. Countdown (by Rush) / 217,766 Votes - 19.8%
  4. Blue Sky (by Big Head Todd) / 68,948 Votes - 6.3%
  5. Enter Sandman (by Metallica) / 10,815 Votes - 1.0%
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