0 Losing Lottery Tickets Become Winners

Ghost of a Dream, lottery tickets, Dream Car
"Dream Car" (2008) | $39,000 worth of lottery tickets
What do you do with losing scratch-off lottery tickets? Why save them? They're just reminders of loss and shattered dreams. But for artist duo Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom, aka Ghost of a Dream, the typically discarded tickets are used to create sculptural art pieces—expensive cars, dream homes, and extravagant vacations. The artists even go so far as to match the actual cost of each item with the price of the lottery tickets used to reconstruct it as a work of art.

"Dream Vacation" (2008) | $29,000 worth of lottery tickets
"Dream Home" (2009) | $70,000 worth of lottery tickets
Detail from "Dream Home" (2009)
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