0 Biggest Marker in the World

Everfresh, jumbo marker, Nugget Staunch White
Photo credit: Everfresh
Everfresh: Blackbook: The Studio & Streets: 2004-2010Nugget Staunch White may look like a shoe polish applicator, but it might actually be the largest marker in existence. The jumbo white marker was created by a studio of Australian graffiti artists known as Everfresh.
The group known as Everfresh create works which fuse intense colour, intricate line work, iconic characters and visual narratives, using the most diverse street art and graffiti techniques. Everfresh Studio is an explosive hub of creation and activity, inconspicuously located in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Collingwood.
Where does one buy a ginormous coloring book. . . ?

[via The Daily What]

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