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Hava Nagila -- the traditional Jewish celebratory song is played at most every Bar/Bat Mitzvah and wedding. I've danced and sang to Hava Nagila so many times but I never knew what the words meant or the history behind the tradition. Hava Nagila, What Is It? is a forthcoming documentary film that tries to answer that very question.
"Part humorous, part informative, this exploration of the history and meaning of Hava Nagila will uncover the mysteries behind one of the most frequently recorded and performed standards of all time. Scholars will trace the song through the decades. Singers and comedians will provide their own renditions of the song. Jews and non-Jews alike will riff on Hava happenings in their pasts. And in the end, Hava Nagila will get the kind of insightful and meaningful treatment it deserves – one that explores Jewish and American culture and history, and reveals the power of music to bridge cultural divides and bring us together as human beings."
Watch this clip from the film, which features commentary by everyone from folks at the local Jewish deli to celebrities Leonard Nimoy and Harry Belafonte.

Click here to contribute to the funding of the film and have your name listed in the credits.

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