0 "I Went on the In-ter-net" and Found This

Education Connection commercial, waitress
Image credit: Education Connection
I can't decide if the Education Connection commercial has the most annoying jingle since "Head On: Apply directly to the forehead," or if I secretly love when it airs just so I can sing along as loudly as possible. What's that you ask? Do I actually have the lyrics memorized? Why yes, yes I do.

"I'm workin' for an hourly wage. I, went to high school, didn't do great. Still I gotta make more cash. More education is what I'm lookin' at..."

The effort they put into this catchy music video almost helps legitimize their service—which is what, exactly? Because if Education Connection is actually concerned with education, maybe the graphic shouldn't improperly split words into syllables: "EDU-CA-TION conn-ec-tion." See for yourself below. [Note: You will want to use this afterwards.]

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