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The Jersey Shore, Top 10 Telewords of 2009-2010, Global Language Marketing
'The Jersey Shore' guidos. Photo credit: Endliss Simmer
The Global Language Monitor's seventh annual Top Words from Television were announced this week, just before the start of the Fall TV season. And the Top 10 Telewords from the 2009-2010 season are. . .

1. BP Spillcam -- as in the Gulf diz.

2. Dysfunctional -- due to the popularity of sitcom Modern Family.

3. Guido -- "We've got a Situation here!"

4. Reality -- I continue to tell myself that The Hills was real.

5. Nice -- Betty White.

6. Rude -- Simon Cowell.

7. "Drama at 10:00" -- were you Team Coco (yay) or Team Leno (boo)?

8. Chicago-style politics -- having to do with The Good Wife, which I've never seen.

9. Cross-over -- as in crossover hit, as in Glee, as in "Don't Stop Believin'".

10. Ambush marketing -- advertisers riding the Vancouver Winter Games' coattails.

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