0 Yabba Dabba Doo! The Flintstones Turn 50

The Flintstones, Google Doodle, 50th anniversary
The September 30, 2010 Google Doodle was a colorful tribute to the Flintstones.
The Flintstones—everyone's favorite modern Stone Age family—celebrates their 50th anniversary today! The American television sitcom originally ran from September 30, 1960 to April 1, 1966. Fred and Wilma Flintstone, their daughter Pebbles and pet dinosaur Dino, along with next door neighbors Betty and Barney Rubble, and their son Bamm-Bamm, were even featured as today's Google Doodle. Watch and sing along to the show's theme as you reminisce about the town of Bedrock. Can't you almost taste the sweet, chalkiness of Flinstones chewable vitamins?!

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